The strength of the imagery here is stunning: by reclaiming vintage horror-film and juxtaposing it with a modern take on black-metal and noise-rock, From The Bogs Of Aughiska presents a moment with the literal representation of ‘evil’ that we have struggled with as a species for centuries. Symbolically, it goes even deeper - the character of the reaper is clear, but the context is that of the devastating Irish Famine, so that even death itself is not free.

He is forced into his role due to the ineptitude of humanity; then, as now, we must pay the ultimate price for choices we did not make. Some will only hear the anger, and the frustration, and the horrible toll that a life of permanent servitude will take; and some will only see the ancient, terrifying chimera of a soul-devourer, shrouded in the corner, inexorably destined to eat flesh to the sound of electric guitar-fueled chaos.

However you find a way to make sense of this fervid and rage-soaked personal document, is right. Just because we can’t see the darkness doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Dark ambient black metal alchemists FROM THE BOGS OF AUGHISKA hail from the harsh coastline of the West of Ireland, drawing their inspiration from Ireland's bleak environment and its rich history & culture.