Minimalist Acoustic Folk from Sweden for Fans of Nick Drake. - Freyr: Neighbour Boy

Minimalist Acoustic Folk from Sweden for Fans of Nick Drake. - Freyr: Neighbour Boy

We wrote about Freyr in the summer of 2018, when he was performing as Freyr Flodgren. Since then, he has removed the last name from his performance moniker, and recently inked a deal with Nettwerk Music Group - his debut EP with Nettwerk comes out in July.

This Swedish and Icelandic singer-songwriter was brought up in Umeå, a city located in the mellow forests of northern Sweden, and spent most of his childhood summers in Iceland. This connection to nature figures as a cornerstone of his musical aesthetic, as Freyr combines a deep sense of minimalism with an intimate vocal delivery that might remind you of Nick Drake. "Neighbour Boy" explores the compromises that are made as we sacrifice passion for wisdom in the name of emotional maturity. The prominent, finger-style acoustic guitar pairs with ambient electronic sounds and subtle elements of percussion, as Freyr channels the poetic stillness of his youth into a trembling and poignant retrospective. Equal parts storyteller and sonic alchemist, Freyr creates music that taps into the universal fragility of human existence.

Neighbour Boy, put his head out
Into the branches in the wind
I'd like to tell him to stop
I used to be admiring
Of those who never compromised meaningfully
Neighbour boy, put his head out
he is not coming home for a while
See how it goes
I used to keep my hair long
Like those who never compromised meaningfully

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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