With a style that might remind you of Cat Stevens, Franc Cinelli gives us a yearning folk number that feels both wistful and wise, sounding the call for a peaceful seance with the spirit of self. It is as if the moment is anointed as a vessel of transience, speaking the quiet truth of impermanence with the unfailing rasp of an old soul.

These are not just words, they are conjurings, this is the language of musical philosophy that crystallizes the meeting between artistic inspiration and a need for order in the attic of the mind.

It’s the right time to get even with the thoughts that clutter up your sky

Fly, the music video from Franc Cinelli, is a retrospective and dreamlike sequence of natural images that joins the shimmering beauty of a string section with the vulnerability of a single vocal take and some gorgeous finger-work on the acoustic guitar.

Franc Cinelli is putting out a song every fortnight ahead of his September album release. He is based in Brooklyn. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.