In a world filled with fear: of school shootings, racial discrimination, and violent terrorism, Oakland-based alternative hip-hop trio Flipsyde crafts a feeling of serenity with uplifting new single "Imagine Peace." Filled with soaring instrumentation driven by guitarist Dave Lopez, as well as powerful lyricism and vocals from both emcee Piper and singer Steve Knight, this new single from Flipsyde visits with the purity of message and vibe that has been inspiring fans in Oakland, and around the world, for nearly 20 years.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Steve Knight, lead guitarist Dave Lopez, and rapper The Piper released their debut LP "We the People" in ’05 via Interscope Records, which included uplifting single "Someday" that went on to become the theme song used by NBC for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. Since then, they have been busy delivering their brand of uplifting hip-hop to grateful fans everywhere. "Imagine Peace" is a pop-friendly hip hop track that delivers a message of hope and healing, supporting the core theme of love - as a benevolent force for solidarity, and the only viable counterweight to a modern age that is, at least in part, defined by conflict.

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