It was during a Joe Walsh concert that Robin had a moment of self-realization: he decided to leave his engineering job and start a band with high school classmate and local grocery worker, Max Salmon. After adding Andrew "The Baby" Pannell to the lineup, they released their debut EP at the legendary venue Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco.

Now they have returned from their 2019 SXSW Tour, and Fellow Vessel introduces A Sign, an energetic and diverse celebration of rock and roll, youth, and the mystical symbolism of attraction.

You locked me in with your emerald eyes and I would not be the same

Because every time we meet someone gorgeous, we want it to mean something: we only need to be right one glorious time. A Sign, the latest from Fellow Vessel, is groove-centric indie-rock for fans of Young the Giant.

Fellow Vessel is an indie-rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area. This song is featured on our Hi Energy playlist.