Proving that simplicity can also be magical, Swedish songwriter Ess Bogale explores her sense of identity, using the concepts of self-reflection and acceptance as vehicles for spiritual transcendence. The message resonates as both an encouragement, and a challenge: to make the most of life, and to continue to push through the negativity to the stillness beyond.

Ess Bogale, with a vulnerable and poignant performance on both piano and lead vocal, leaves us with a paean to that ultimate sense of personal worth - where we find both infinite confidence, and boundless energy because we are no longer fighting against the world.

Come on let me fool you to keep walking further to, define peace within

With her new single Flow, Ess Bogale achieves a purity of purpose that delivers the message of self-empowerment on a stark canvas of acoustic piano and whispered soprano.

Ess Bogale's creative path began when she began writing poems at a young age with a fascination for existential questions. Eventually, she found herself in a messy studio with 2 mics, a slightly out of tune piano and a cassette porta-studio: the result is both raw and smooth. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.