Lovestruck Pop Jam from Los Angeles. - Erik Frank: Paradise

Lovestruck Pop Jam from Los Angeles. - Erik Frank: Paradise

Born in a Romanian village of just 200 people, for Erik Frank the idea of becoming a pop star was the very definition of a long shot. Moving from Spain to France, to the UK, and finally landing in the United States, Erik’s blend of R&B, Pop and Hip Hop is as unique as the list of countries he has lived in.

That range of exposure to different cultures, and experiences, has only served as a catalyst for his own musical evolution, while his gritty vocal style moves from a deep, shattered baritone to a sparkling falsetto in the blink of an eye. "Paradise" explores the concept that true love can change us forever, and when real romance finds us, we don't really have a choice. This soul-inspired pop jam combines an inspired vocal performance with a Hip Hop groove and a gorgeous arrangement for strings, as we understand that destiny and physical attraction go hand in hand.

Now I know you keep catching every single eye that we pass
Baby, I'll keep on crashing every ring of hell for your glance
So take me to my paradise, paradise
I'm feeling no more lonely nights, lonely nights

This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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