You may have already heard Pélican from the Kitsuné compilation Parisian 5. Equateur is a French producer who creates groovy tracks with the building blocks of dream pop and synthwave.

The music video for Pélican is an exploration of the jungle illustrated by Adrien Blanchat, with sequences that cover flying, floating, and other kinds of motion - as birds, and boats, and plants fade in and out of perspective. With a bouncy performance from the synth bass, we are invited to sit back and enjoy the ride as we connect with the beautifully-animated imagery. Equateur’s new music video was directed by Benjamin Brunette and offers the boarding pass for an epic voyage through space, along with a dance-friendly sense of optimism and a vibrant sense of color.

Equateur, aka Charles Rocher, is an indie-electro producer and performer based in Paris. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist. Equateur would also like to thank Konbini for their support early in his career.