For his new track "Be The One," Endre Nordvik teamed up with LA-based soul-folk artist Maesa Pullman. Together, they deliver an ethereal dream-duet for this wistful exploration of romance, and the dreaded feelings of personal doubt that can so often plague a relationship in the early moments.

Endre is a singer and songwriter from Bergen, Norway who took his guitar and went to Brazil to help and support street children. He blends indie pop and Americana with a passionate dedication to the forces of goodwill and human kindness. Nordvik's first album "Suburb Hero" has gained more than 20 million plays on streaming services globally, and he returns this year with a gorgeous love song that matches a brooding drum beat with elements of chamber pop and a melodic sense of resolution. "Be the one" delivers the honeyed message that a moment of perfect connection can be eternal in the eyes of love.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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