This post was originally published in December 2018.

Since his release of All That Is Left Is Right in 2015, Insightful has been taking a sort of break to get his bearings, find a new direction, and a new sound rooted in his own instinct. In this collaboration with Baby Rose, we have the touch of a seasoned producer coupled with the unique soul and grit from this one-of-a-kind vocal talent.

The combination is uniquely mysterious: a nuanced and husky verse giving way to a big chorus that hurts more than a little bit. The pain here is real, as we feel the force of that reluctant separation of life from the memory of what once was.

Baby Rose gives us her groovy best, turning a beautifully melodic moment into a statement on self-possession.

Insightful returns from his long hiatus to release “Without You” which is a joint project with Baby Rose. This song is featured on our CHILL New Songwriters playlist.