Elaine Cole debuts her independent single Blame It on the Roses, recorded with the acclaimed John Mailander on fiddle, Cory Walker on banjo, and Jake Stargel on guitar. After spending her early years studying musical theater, Elaine returns to her southern bona fides by showing an appreciation for bluegrass and roots music, and her first release is all heart and beauty with that Nashville touch for genuine Americana.

As gorgeous as this rambling country melody is, there is also a sense of loneliness and bittersweet melancholy that lives between the notes, leaving behind a dusty haze of wordless regret and subtle heartache. It is the genuine emotion of searching for anything, or anyone, to help us forget the things we don’t want to know, at the same time that we let the setting sun carry the weight of our own imperfection.

Blame It on the Roses, from Nashville’s Elaine Cole, is a dreamy ballad that yearns for closure, striking a slow last-waltz on the cold porch of an early morning.

There’s an hour until the dawn breaks, and you know honey I’ll be gone

Elaine Cole began her musical career singing in church choirs and music camps in her hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. This song is featured on our Country playlist.