Edamame - Oil

Edamame - Oil

This review was originally published in August of 2018.

Another dream sequence from the mind of Edamame, Oil features a strong pulse underneath electric piano and a few choice synth parts. The result is a hypnotic 4 minutes of steady energy. This is the soundtrack of the waiting room in your mind: listening to it triggers near-immediate sensations of a daydream, and of a connection to the unconscious.

Songs like this are not so much performed as they are assembled: a meticulous patchwork of sequencing, samples, and auxiliary effects. The irony is that it feels so human, so directly tied to the workings of the mind. Some of us hear the sound of birds, or the wind through the trees, when we close our eyes and relax; some hear Edamame.

Chicago-based producer Edamame creates stunning beat-cuts of deep worldly beauty. This song is featured on our Instrumental playlist.


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