With a disarming and direct sense of purity, Ed Patrick gives us access to the inner workings of the romantic ego, combining a beautiful melody, a sweetly vulnerable vocal performance, and an accompaniment on acoustic guitar and piano. The melody feels immediately familiar, yet the moment is unique.

It is that informal negotiation that takes place in every social moment, heightened through the presence of raw attraction. Seeing that spark, and being open to an unforeseen possibility, is everything.

I guess if you were free I could change my plans

Blow My Cover, the latest folk-pop track from Ed Patrick, is a delicate page from the storybook of young love, vignetted with the gorgeous and peaceful sounds of acoustic Folk.

Over my head even though I said I’m not looking for a lover

Ed Patrick is a singer-songwriter from the Southcoast of the UK, now living in London. This song is featured on our Country playlist.