Although he professionally trained as a guitarist, Ed Carlsen ultimately began to translate his skills onto piano, honing a versatile performance style in conjunction with his studies on the guitar. Eventually completing his studies in Music Technology at the London College of Music, Ed is now sharing his artistic vision with the world after spending some time making music for film and visual media.

Morning Hour is his third album, set for a September 27th release date on Canadian ambient/instrumental imprint Moderna Records. Words is a fine example of minimal electronic music, and showcases an understated and ambient production style with a core of 16th note repeats that shimmer like stars on a lake. The soul of this work is rooted in life-experience: the exploration and the anxiety that comes from losing some one close to you, as well as the difficult decision to leave the darkness behind for a new light. The music video for Words, the latest from Ed Carlsen, is a behind-the-scenes look at the machinery of personal redemption. As we examine the way that an aesthetic of downtempo can be applied to the visual dimension, we are left with a lasting sense of ordered chaos.

Ed Carlsen is a composer and producer from Sardinia, Italy. This song is featured on our Instrumental playlist.