To just refer to this new track from Dog Trainer as Indie Rock misses the point, which is that they took elements of slowcore, slacker rock, and even a bit of vaporwave to assemble this majestic vibe. By starting with such a straight and honest acoustic drum groove, and adding that heavy backbeat from the electric bass, the pocket here feels immediately soothing.

As we move further in the heart of the production, what emerges is a beautiful lead vocal, draped ever-so-slightly in a deep and ethereal reverb. With the addition of a mellotron-style string patch, we find ourselves in that sweet spot between throwback sensibility and modern production value. Dog Trainer’s new single The Kids joins a Kurt Vile laid-back sound with a melodic pop feel, and the result is stunning.

Two years after the release of their first EP Apartments, New York based duo Dog Trainer returns fully matured with debut full length album Puppyhood. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.