This post was originally published in December 2018.

This is a huge stack of energetic, instrumental elements: the horn section, the blaring drum pocket, the tambourine, the big synth drops, and a spirited lead vocal. Lights On feels like a strong logical choice for your morning wake-up song; coupled with a potent cup of coffee, it could change your life.

Distant Cousins describes this song as ‘sonic tonic for self-doubters’, and that feels pretty close to the truth. We have some lyrical energy dedicated to self-examination, and a few gems about what means what. This sparkly one-liner, for example:

“Love is just a word when there’s nobody listening”— Distant Cousins

and this:

“You’ve got to shatter the silence
with your beautiful noise
you know the birds will be bees
and the girls will be boys”— Distant Cousins

The secret to these lyrics is the same secret The Killers have known forever: if the groove is good, and the melody, then a mild showing for pithiness won’t move the needle. If you have soul, you don’t have to be a soldier.

Distant Cousins is a multi-layered collaboration of 3 songwriters, producers, and performers from Los Angeles. This song is featured on our Hi Energy playlist.