Didirri Peters grew up in the coastal Australian countryside, in the town of Warrnambool. He makes roots-based pop music for lovers and over-thinkers. His challenging and thoughtful writing, combined with an undeniable on-stage charisma, has won him listeners from around the world. After the release last year of his debut EP Measurements, Didirri joined Nettwerk’s expanding label roster, which includes artists like Mallrat, SYML and Harrison Storm.

Exploring the healing power of heartbreak, and approaching real issues with smile and charm, Didirri makes every lyric count. His music abounds with honest emotion and a unique artistic temperament, at once pinpointing the fleeting nature of self-love and a deep-seated melancholy that lies at the heart of life itself. With a jazz-flavored croon that might remind you of Rufus Wainwright, accompanied by a gorgeous string arrangement, "Raw Stuff" is a personal coming-to-terms with fate and circumstance, wherein we discover, reluctantly, that love will come and go as it pleases.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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