Live from the Singer's Cafe, Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine, Rola Azar performs two fantastic tracks that showcase a Sufi-inspired melodic sensibility and an effortless vibrato. The two songs, in order, are La Mayla, followed by Al Moya. We have the Delia Arts Foundation to thank for this gorgeous live-show session from one of the world's most dangerous conflict zones.

With a simple accompaniment of acoustic guitar and percussion, Rola Azar's voice is allowed to truly shine. Born in Nazareth, living in Jerusalem, she has built an international career for herself as a vocalist, despite the hardships of working in a hotbed of political discord. Her beautiful and effortless performance brings an entire culture into focus, and displays the plaintive balladry that once filled the heart of Rumi. This heartfelt music is an enduring and poignant reminder that where there is art, there is hope for a better future.

These songs were produced and played by Johno, and John Robert Handal.

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