Cyrus Reynolds received his classical training in music composition from the Royal Academy of Music, and as an electronic sound designer he draws his sounds from familiar textures and twists them into new sonic landscapes, featuring interwoven keyboard tracks, deep lyrics, and shimmering vocal harmonies. "Foraker" is a love-letter to his wife, harpist Lara Somogyi, which Reynolds sets in the Denali region of Alaska, seen through the eyes of a wayward traveler.

Needless to say, the creation of this work was an emotional experience for him, as he explored his experience designing string samples for the VST plugin "Output" and morphing fresh ideas into an homage for the love of his life. This moment of direct inspiration and raw emotion was very special to Cyrus Reynolds, and this live performance carries that heartfelt vibe from the first note. S. Carey came on to the song through a mutual friend, Ivan Howard, who knew Sean through Bon Iver. Carey's inviting vocal performance adds the final layer of melodic precision, and elevates this intimate labor-of-love into a celebration of life and romantic connection.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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