Indie-pop duo Crash Adams grew up together in Toronto, Canada, and began writing and performing music together in grade school. Now, years later, they are crafting nuanced indie-pop with big melodies along the lines of Daft Punk. With a big contribution from Brock Dance, the music video for "Ooh!" features dance-feel vibes and a bouncy groove.

The latest release from Crash Adams is the product of over a year's worth of work, spent finishing an album and carefully curating their nostalgic and inspiring sound. With a playful lyrical aesthetic that might remind you of Barenaked Ladies, and a funky rhythm that will make you want to move, "Ooh!" is a 2-minute shout-out to everyday people. This ebullient and primal intoxication goes down fast with big bass, disco harmonies, and all the awesome dance moves you'll ever need. Just watch.

I've been losing each day
Cause I can't ever
Seem to get the rules of these games

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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