Gecko, the latest from indie-rock outfit Covey, borrows a bit from shoegaze with the prominent 16th-note pulse and the big, washy vocal mix. The central role played by the electric guitar keeps the energy up, and Covey invents a lyrical hinterland of disconnected emotion and glistening metaphor.

When perspective doesn’t line up between partners, it can feel like living in two different worlds, with a disconnect between dimensions.

I saw water pouring out your open eye lids

The hardest lesson to learn can be that perfection is not absolute; it lives only relative to the observation, and is sustained by it. If we don’t nurture the right moments, they fade. That is part of what is so beautiful about youth: nothing has yet had a chance to go missing.

I know I still shout in the middle of my sleep

Regret can consume you, or it can inform you; the choice is always yours. We can never get the moments back, but we can always make them count. This indie-rock strum-fest celebrates the paradox that is life - where we think we can choose what to love, when it is love that chooses us.

Covey is a folk-rock project fronted by British multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Tom Freeman. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.