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Coquí - Asleep Again

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Coquí - Asleep Again

Inhabiting that dream state between sleep and waking up, the the groove here is subtle, with a muted hook on the guitar, and a vocoder-style lead vocal. The entire theme rests inside that space: waking up next to someone you are attracted to, the thoughts that go through your mind, and that sense of physical intimacy.

The production is minimal, with the combination of digitized vocal, the electronic rhythm section, and the counterpoint from that slow funk on the electric guitar doing all it takes to keep the momentum going. It’s an easy vibe, a zen-state, and a booty call, all rolled into one.

Something here feels like a soundtrack to the life of a generation.

“Cigarettes and weed
need more oxygen
Woke up feeling good
I just stay in bed
scrolling through my friends”— Coquí

Coquí is the new solo project from LA producer, singer and songwriter Samuel Jacob Lopez Jr. This song is featured on our Rainy Day Playlist.