The pure pop-power and upbeat energy of Destiny, the latest from Boston roots-rockers Copilot, is enough to lift up even the roughest of mornings. Equal parts self-effacement, warm hug, and rock anthem, this fun track is not to be taken too seriously, although wearing a helmet is always an option.

The massive mezzo-soprano from Quealy pairs well with the retro-pop vibe from that Wurlitzer, and the vocal harmony feel natural and lively. The tube-driven sounds of the Leslie and the lead guitar blend well with the husky soul that drives the non-linear narrative, while Destiny asks a question that is as old as human thought.

Got no control, destiny; I need some help, destiny

What does it mean to have choice? Copilot might not have all the answers, but this roots-party rock number can be the soundtrack to figuring it out, one glorious mistake at a time.

Massachusetts-based Copilot is made up of powerhouse vocalist Maggie Quealy, charismatic frontman Ry McDonald, bassist Austin Beveridge, and drummer Dylan Allwine. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.