In this type of inward-leaning indie-rock mix, the lead vocal gets tucked behind the guitar a little bit, and instead of a high-flying melody, the pop hooks come from the emotional sea changes of the arrangement itself. The main energy descends from a cinematic style of lead guitar, the riffing, and the way the drums drop in and out of half-time.

The cultivated-casual paradox of a band like Modest Mouse is apparent here: the disposition, the finger-bends, the guitar feedback, the plaintive high-end from that chorus wail. Weep Wave have been rocking the west coast for a few years now; from their new full-length release S.A.D., Concrete is a haven for loud guitars, punk-flavored vocals, and cosmic tidal swells.

Weep Wave was formed in 2016 in Seattle/Tacoma, where the band quickly became known for their lo-fi recordings, flashy shows, DIY attitude and strange noises. This song is featured on our Lost Treasure - Indie Rock playlist.