This post was originally published in December 2018.

Starting out with a simple acoustic guitar, the instrumentation quickly escalates, and the lead vocal is beautifully presented. With the high ring and vibrato of a Chris Martin, and the throaty gut-howl of a Dave Matthews, we are given the opportunity to connect viscerally with an orchestral sense of dynamics and dramatic outpouring.

The narrative arc of the arrangement feels cinematic, with sweeping drops, delicate vocal lifts, and the evocative use of strings and a grand piano. However, the star of Do No Harm is clearly the vocal facility of Steve Shimchick, who with his talented companions has clearly found an opportunity to shine: the range of tonality, intensity, and emotion in this vocal performance is beyond impressive.

Cold Weather Company is an alt-folk trio from New Jersey. This song is featured on our Lost Treasure - Indie Rock playlist.