Ambient Instrumental. - Christopher Willits: Pacific 1

Ambient Instrumental. - Christopher Willits: Pacific 1

The latest track from Christopher Willits is Sunset 1: an epiphanic album opener from Sunset, which is out now in multi-track spatial audio available only from Ghostly International. It is both mesmerizing and disarming, moving in waves of blissfully-warm synth fade-ins.

As with 2017's opus Horizon, the first ever spatial audio release on Ghostly International, Sunset is produced to listen from within. Using the cutting-edge immersive audio venues and tools of his nonprofit, Envelop, Willits illuminates a landscape for the future of electronic music. As the electronic music industry hurtles towards an uncertain future, Christopher Willits can be trusted to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible, as he joins a mellow and inviting soundscape with this sonic metaphor for celestial rebirth.

Willits is an artist, musician, and guitarist who creates immersive ambient music. This song is featured on our Meditation playlist.


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