With youthful, throwaway energy and a penchant for flowers, Chase Atlantic has arrived, as a surprise to no one in Australia, where they have been working on their sound for the better part of a decade. Self-described as ‘dark, alternative pop’, with a clear rock emphasis, the high-pulse and the sharp language seem to be in perfect lock-step with the increasingly international crowd they have cultivated, all while remaining grounded, and without losing sight of their hometown sensibility.

Chase Atlantic was founded by two brothers and a mutual friend, and those early bonds no doubt contributed to their tireless work-ethic towards self-promotion. After two very successful independent EPs, and a debut release on Warner Bros. records, they are back with their new single LIKE A ROCKSTAR. It is a melody-driven brain dump of memories and directives, scattered over a club beat, illustrating - as the best pop does - where we are as a culture.

“Tell ‘em that I died like a rockstar
Tell ‘em I got high like a rockstar
Put me in designer then put me in the dirt
Keep my legacy alive like a rockstar”— Chase Atlantic

With a syncopated melody that draws from R&B influences, and a contextual nod to shoegaze, Chase Atlantic pens an anthem to the rockstar lifestyle, echoing the dreams of an entire generation that was raised on American Idol.

Chase Atlantic is an alt-pop band from Australia. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.