On her latest track "Nasty Human," which is the second single in a string of love letters from her filthy-glamour universe, CELIIN explores the dark side of self-identity. Inspired by a broad range of artists from BANKS to Lana Del Rey to Nothing But Thieves, she combines alternative pop music with melancholic plot-lines.

Here, CELIIN exposes the hidden nastiness inside everyone - the part of ourselves that often, we are afraid to see: the tension; the anxiety. The guilt. Somewhere between romance and depression, where extreme emotions meet, this enigmatic Norwegian artist searches for a balance between beautiful and macabre self-expression. With a series of cut-scenes that oscillate between light and dark color palettes, we experience the stuff of raw passion, against a backdrop of sleepless nights and naked vulnerability. "Nasty Human," the latest from CELIIN, investigates the secrets we never tell, and lays out the primal contradiction of humanity: which is that we are all of us both devil and angel.

Tell me darling, how long you been hiding in this Nasty Human?

This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.

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