This review was originally published in May of 2018.

What I like here is the rawness of the lyrics over such a precise production. The bass moves from a Kingston sub-woofer in the back of a Ranchero, to a club in Saint Tropez at 4am, and back again. It's new-soul ska with a slam poet and a DJ.

Cautious Clay, with the new single French Riviera, steps us through how to "hit the beach up like it's D-day". You move the bass around, drop a Pinocchio reference, give it to the soundtrack for a few bars, repeat. There's a gaunt nature to the rhymes, weaving with very few steps between revelation and menace. It's a story of self, and of boundaries between people.

“Everything could always be better
Guilty conscious light as a feather
Meanings always honest in spite of your mind”— Cautious Clay