Joining the raucous energy of Wilco with the production aesthetic and accessibility of Mark Ronson, Casual Male takes time off the road, most recently with Nick Murphy - aka Chet Faker - to lay the foundations for an upcoming EP. The acoustic drums with 6/4 time contribute a rolling vibe, and simulate the incessant fluctuation of waves upon the sand.

With his first solo effort, Tim Lappin conjures a sense of those gray, off-season beach days that so often serve as a perfect backdrop for personal reflection, and thoughts of old relationships, whispering among the palm trees. A pleasant counterpoint between bass and drums locks in a spacious verse, while the chorus emerges like a ray of light through the clouds. Laughter From The Beach delivers a strong debut for this up-and-coming indie artist, and finishes with hints of a heavier rock vibe with a guitar solo that is loud and awesome.

Casual Male is an Indie Rock band from Brooklyn, New York. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

Tim Lappin - Vocals, Bass
Kirk Schoenherr - Guitar
Dave Burnett - Drums
Produced by Abe Seiferth