This review was originally published in March of 2018.

My old buddy Matty D used to play bass for him; Cary's been around for a while. This is how I heard this song at first: Oh really, that's the whole chorus? I mean he gives so little to start out; this whole song is a crescendo, coming from the arrangement, the production, how the chorus keeps getting slightly longer - and then you realize it's all been a set-up for the bridge.

Cary Brothers is quintessential Los Angeles. He's talking about cigarettes and easy parking, he looks good but not too good; the tie is not done. But the production is as good as it gets, and the voice is California all day long.

“I got her number
but she was so smart
I’m feeling stupid
at least it’s a start”— Cary Brothers

This is a snapshot, a production relic, a grab-and-go musical fast-food. And it is delicious. Cool City indeed.