CAROLINE started performing at 3, writing lyrics at 8, and songwriting at 12. Every song she writes is an honest exploration of her personal life, meant to give the world an insight into the daily struggles and high-stakes reality of her generation.

CAROLINE is a teen-aged commercial pop singer based in Los Angeles with Southern roots in North Carolina. She transmits a feeling of hope and inclusivity with her original music, sending the message to other young girls with a similar background that they are not alone. Today's teenagers juggle social pressures and demand both respect and a voice, and CAROLINE's music can help them to find and express their authentic selves. "Already There" is a perfect song for Valentine's Day in that it demonstrates a sense of confidence and deep resilience in the face of the unknown, and gives the listener a reason to jump in to the deep end of their own romantic mystery. CAROLINE's beautiful lead vocal pairs with an electronic production style that is perfect for fans of Selena Gomez, benefiting from equal parts melodic hook and rhythmic altered-vocal.

Just dive into the deep end
Crash in through the ceiling
Million miles an hour
I could be your reason
Why you finding feelings?
Come on darling, don't be scared

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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