This review was originally published in May of 2018.

With a fresh voice and a sticky-sweet serenade to years past, Caroline Lazar sketches a wistful and lonely sound on the back of an acoustic guitar and shuffled snare drum. Some added guitar effects and a beautiful B3-Leslie combination over the top keep the dynamics interesting. It's a very pop-friendly mix and a heartfelt melody with some image-rich lyrics.

Maybe the secret is as simple as being open to the way that life keeps us guessing, and finding beauty wherever it is; the recurring theme of the chorus seems to be about rolling with the punches, so to speak:

“tied down chasing shorelines
dreaming of the last time
we prayed for a little less rain in Georgia
drenched from the car door crack
oh, just a little less rain in Georgia
and maybe we’ll take it back”— Caroline Lazar

Caroline Lazar is a singer-songwriter from Coral Gables, Florida.