With a bouncy, uptempo hi-hat-shuffle, and an energetic tenor that gives echoes of Dan Reynolds, CAEZAR concocts an effervescent pop anthem from the ashes of a workaday grind. The dynamic shifts, the poised production style, and the pure tones from the lead vocal, all combine into a high-energy pre-party pep talk.

It’s the sound of eternal optimism, and of the hope that anywhere is better than this:

“If I could soothe your soul
and give you back some control
from your worried and wandering mind
If my words aren’t good enough
then take my hands and heart and trust”— CAEZAR

And in the end, the journey is the destination: in song, as in life.

CAEZAR is an electro pop band from Cheltenham, UK. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.