Stan Taylor teams up with Bubbs to write a feel-good track for their compadres in Los Angeles, who can relate to vehicular congestion as a metaphor for love. Traffic has some pop vibes, but the old-school Motown influence is front-and-center, with live instruments and a hook that could easily have been salvaged from a lost Al Green record.

It's no surprise that Stan Taylor has found success releasing vintage hits through social media as 'The Classic Series.' This rekindling of the original soul-fire from such greats as Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder, channelled through his young talent, has connected with fans around the globe and sets the scene for a banging collab with Bubbs in that retro space. Traffic has all the elements of a throwback midnight get-down: from the lazy kick drum, to the smoothest of mid-tempo shuffles, to that beautiful combination of falsetto, melody, and raw vulnerability, this jam is ready to make you bounce.

This song is featured on our Soul playlist.