Brothers Zach & Josh Page wrote Back To You about how creating music and sharing it with the world can bring people together. This electronic folk-rock pop number joins an acoustic guitar with a deep rock vibe and electronic production-flourish, offering a high-energy confection that will resonate with fans of The Chainsmokers.

Both brothers have fantastic stories to tell: Josh is a veteran of America's Got Talent, where he was a member of an opera-singing trio, FORTE, while Zach played in the all-teen band in Jason Robert Brown's "13" which had a run on Broadway. In the last few years, they have amassed a huge following on Instagram, writing weekly mash-ups and singing covers of popular songs for their fans around the world. The brothers share an infectious love for the art of songwriting, and together they weave harmony and melody in a way that offers a fresh perspective on songs that are already in the public sphere. For example, one of their most popular Insta posts is a mashup of  "Wake Me Up" and "Hey Brother" by the legendary Avicii that has been viewed well over a million times. Brothers Page are a perfect match for today's fast-paced news cycle: on Instagram, their weekly updates are a grab-bag of melodic pop hooks, TV theme songs, and guest-singer cameos, and they never disappoint.

Back to You, the latest from Brothers Page, is a barrage of pop hooks that showcases a laser-sharp sibling harmony and the impressive musicality of two rising Instagram celebrities.

Brothers Page are two brothers from upstate New York who have been growing a strong and engaged global fanbase with millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.

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