Brooke Law was raised in a family unit with fiercely independent women, and she is committed to the ongoing fight for gender and racial equality. Through her advocacy and support for Million Women Rise, she continues to combat violence against women and children.

Brooke’s Debut EP is called Archetypes, and with influences ranging from Annie Lennox to Jeff Buckley, her art is direct and visceral. On new single The Edge, Brooke Law creates a bouncy space next to minimalist-pop and indie-electronica, while a powerful and sultry lead vocal performance adds to the emotional range. Ultimately Brooke is a storyteller, and on this track she matches her simmering creative energy with the syncopated kick drum of an infectious chorus drop.

I was scared of giving it up, messing up our habits; blowing our trust: because I want some madness.

Brooke Law is a London-born British singer and songwriter. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.