This post was originally published in November 2018.

Face the World, the latest from Brandon Jenner, is pure Americana: the acoustic guitar, brushes on the snare, piano, and double bass; all feel warm, and resonant, and alive in the room with you. Vocally, there is a certain purity of expression to this song: the message feels gently crafted, as ‘a [song] for those who are willing to have their emotions brought to the surface, ready to walk through them and begin to let them go.’

It’s a process, you might say; instead of running from ourselves in crisis, we teach ourselves to pass through the current emotion in order to achieve a higher state - over and over again. And sometimes, you have to walk away so that you can come back again.

“I’m all alone with you right here
I’m sorry I had to turn my back on you
but I had to face the world”— Brandon Jenner

Face the World is a beautifully rendered and wistful sketch of the push-pull dynamics between erstwhile lovers, and of the longing to be understood.

Brandon writes honestly about his own battles with abandonment, worthiness and struggles with heartache. This song is featured on our Country playlist.