Nests is a fractured fairy tale about dealing with uncertainty: to make a nest somewhere is to trust that place, but sometimes the strongest nests are made in uncertain places. After all, life is about taking chances, and following your heart can be the greatest risk you ever take.

This new single from Boyhood Bravery mirrors the band’s own coming-of-age evolution with an acoustic guitar as the folk-inspired central-theme, and a vocal mix that might remind you a bit of Adrianne Lenker. The theme is one of celebrating the journey over the destination, and in doing so, we elevate the small moments of passion and discovery.

Grab a hold of shaky rock and trust the vines to lead you

By looking in the little places for secrets to a happy life, we have access to some bittersweet memories, as well as a sober visitation with the personal weight of mortality.

There is fear of death and fear is strong enough to keep our nests on the ground

Nests, the latest from Boyhood Bravery, is a wistful and cathartic look at the balance between what we get out of life, and what we were willing to give up just to keep climbing.

Boyhood Bravery is an Indianapolis-based indie folk band fronted by singer-songwriter Luke Livingston, along with members Shane Parker, Laekin Allen, Jackson Scott, Tyler Kniess, and Caleb Hartsock. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.