Drawing inspiration from classic rock and 80’s pop whilst evoking the magic of a California night drive, Boo Riley drops a little roots-funk on his self-titled single. Equal parts nostalgia and bold promise, the message of Boo Riley is to honor the mystery of what is possible.

Appreciating the music becomes a ritual of sorts, as Boo Riley fuses an electric sense of energy with an uplifting self-talk about rising to the moments of opportunity. The bass-line steps out in front, while a drum-forward mix combines with the type of occasionally doubled-up guitar riffs that might remind you of the Allman Brothers. Boo Riley is both the track and the artist that will get you back onto that dance floor for a good time if you just let the music move you.

Boo Riley is the musical moniker of Manhattanite, Austin Lesch. This song is featured on our Country playlist.