Jenny Chapin and boyfriend Bobby Crane were getting exhausted with trying to create songs that fit inside the box of being unique, or trendy, or a 'vibe.' They decided to simply make something that put them in a good mood, felt naturally catchy, and that might come to represent the relationship between them.

Jenny and Bobby stumbled onto the musical exposition of a universal moment: an unconditional, rapturous, and melodic witness to the healing power of love. With strong elements of electro-pop served over a backbone of acoustic guitar, "I Love You Like La La La" delivers a timeless ode to romance. Like a painting hanging on the wall, listeners to this rhythmic pop track will find in it what they were already looking for - for some, old love; for others the sparks of a new attraction. With an underlying theme of acceptance and understanding, this exciting track reignites the flames of love as an antidote for the workaday blues.

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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