Auckland Indie Pop. - BENEE: Evil Spider

Auckland Indie Pop. - BENEE: Evil Spider

After her single Soaked quickly climbed Spotify’s Viral Charts, eventually streaming over 13 million times, Benee inked a deal with Republic Records in early 2019. Now, this Auckland-born singer prepares for the world-wide release of her debut EP written and produced alongside collaborators Djeisan Suskov and Josh Fountain, featuring the new single Evil Spider.

“I like the flexibility to cross genres,” says Benee, “To have the creative space to mix it up and not be confined to one sound.”

The vision is clear: that Benee is ready to bend the forces of indie-pop and RnB to her precise will. On this track, the bouncy groove pairs well with her delicate vocal inflection, and the nuanced delivery feeds into the groovy shuffle-funk like a river flows to the ocean. Evil Spider, the latest from Benee, explores the rich moments of love-struck madness with a sense of poise and easy flow.

I wanna tangle up in you. Don’t be tempted to escape.

Benee is dedicated to setting a strong and positive example for young women around the world, and her new EP is bound to do just that. This song is featured on our Soul playlist.


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