Rebellious Indie Rock from Nashville. - Becca Mancari - Hunter (Music Video)

Rebellious Indie Rock from Nashville. - Becca Mancari - Hunter (Music Video)

Songwriter and performer Becca Mancari shares her captivating new single "Hunter," and announces her recent signing to Captured Tracks. This hypnotic song combines an airtight drum groove with fuzzy, otherworldly guitar lines and a sense of personal vindication that finds Mancari singing to a ghost from her past with the promise: "You’re never gonna track me down / You’re never gonna find me out."

"Hunter" is a song of defiance, self-assurance, and a reassertion of confiscated emotional power. Produced by Zac Farro from Paramore, and taken from a forthcoming album, this track is an evolution for Mancari that further explores her origins. Says Mancari: "'Hunter' was born from a true story reflecting back on a person from my childhood in church who, later in my life, would send me frequent letters in the mail telling me to 'repent' and that I was a 'nasty woman' for the way I dressed and for the things I sang about. I received one of these letters the morning I planned to go into the studio with Zac, and in that moment I sat down and wrote most of the lyrics, finishing the song in the studio that day."

This koan-like spiritual evocation draws a contrast between two perspectives - that of a 'hunter' figure, and of the 'prey' that defies victimhood. With this enigmatic celebration of personal redemption, we explore the infinite power of active consciousness. "Hunter" is a sonic powerhouse of self-reference that matches an infectious, melodic sense of personal style with the intoxicating experience of social rebellion.

I am the prophet, I am the savior
Well I am the prophet, I am the savior

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