You may recognize his unique touch on tracks by Tennyson, Lido, Jordan Rakei, Galimatias and many more, or as 1/2 of Zoology or Pigarette. Beau Diako has a beautiful way with the electric guitar, creating distinctive licks with an instantly-recognizable tone and emotional flourish.

Beau now takes his artistry into his own hands, introducing us to a new era with solo debut single 'Buttermilk,' featuring vocals from New York-based Kenyan R&B artist emawk. Buttermilk captures the sound and feeling of a peaceful, introspective moment, which came about naturally on a sunny day spent layering guitar tracks, and was finished later in the year after having some bad buttermilk pancakes in Berlin. This breakout track from Diako introduces us to a wide range of influences: indie, jazz, folk, electronic, and soul music all have a place at this celebration of moody eclecticism. Buttermilk is featured on Beau Diako's new release 'Flutter,' and provides a musical and nostalgic safe-space for us all to appreciate how far we've come.

Singing along
To this Saturday-morning cartoon called life
We were home
Home is a feeling

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist. Read this piece on Apple News.