Born in Key West and raised in Ft. Myers, BabyJake is the latest musical artist out of Southwest Florida to connect with a national audience. After accumulating over 17 million streams on his breakout hit single "Cigarettes and Patios," his latest track "Confidant" harnesses a knack for strong songwriting and emotional honesty, mixed with an enduring love of hip-hop.

BabyJake combines modern genres in his own way, with a nod to personal faves like Brendan Bennett, Dominic Fike, and Role Model. An indie-pop groove builds into a personal conversation about walking away from a relationship once the line of propriety has been crossed. For most of us, that happens when your lover starts hooking up with other people. This hip-hop-flavored confessional is gritty, unfiltered, and serves up a little dirt along with a solid message of farewell.

Don't hit my phone late at night
Don't call me up more than twice
I'm not your friend
Not your only confidant
Don't tell me things changed this time

BabyJake is signed to the Paradigm Talent Agency. This song is featured on our Hip Hop playlist.

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