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Soul / EU / Lyric video

Swiss Neo Soul. - Listen to Ay Wing, Chuuwee, Shuko: Orange Dreamer

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Swiss Neo Soul. - Listen to Ay Wing, Chuuwee, Shuko: Orange Dreamer

The newest track by Swiss-born singer-songwriter Ay Wing speaks about nostalgia, and illuminates a story about rediscovering ourselves. The song was written while she was going through, and later recovering from, a rough patch in her life.

The multi-faceted production showcases her sincere passion and dynamic creativity, and features an impressive flow and verse by American hip hop artist, Chuuwee, (Dionte Hunter IRL). The song’s producer, German-native Shuko, is responsible for the uplifting beat that reverberates positive energy throughout the track. With a dream-team of creative talent around her, this talented Berlin-based artist is building her brand of beat-driven fluorescent Neo soul just the way she wants it. On her latest track Orange Dreamer, Ay Wing reminisces about her time spent in Los Angeles last summer, and pens an ode to temporal beauty and the changing seasons.

Berlin-based Ay Wing returns to end the summer just right. This song is featured on our Soul playlist.