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Roots / Africa

World Pop with Roots in Mali. - Awa Mangara: Yala Yala (Official video)

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
World Pop with Roots in Mali. - Awa Mangara: Yala Yala (Official video)

All the way from Mali is an energy-forward roots-jam that showcases a 2-step rhythmic sensibility and some gorgeous body language, over a backdrop of my favorite city in the world, Paris. What is not to love.

Awa Mangara is an Afro-European singer, rapper and dancer from the Republic of Mali in the Western corner of Africa. She lives and composes her music in Slovakia, where she has built a strong reputation in the genres of world pop, dance, and afrotrap. The flow is effortless, the groove is dance-friendly, and the visuals are outstanding. The lyrics presented here are in her native language of Bambara, while Awa also sings in both English and French. Yala Yala, the latest single from Awa Mangara, explores both the physical rapture of movement as well as the magic of a perfect union.

An ga yala yala
An tan yala chouina béybé

Awa Mangara releases her 2nd music solo album MA CULTURE, out now. This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.