Krister Axel

Krister Axel

Paris, France. Madison, Wisconsin. Los Angeles. Ashland, Oregon. 1 gorgeous wife, 2 amazing kids, + 5 albums later, Krister is ready to write about his favorite thing: music. band: The River South

. Electronic

Electro Pop for fans of Björk. - The Luxury of Being Human: Stories

The strong commitment to a downtempo style of groove and an inspiring use of melody.
. Folk Pop

Roots Folk from Australia FFO Alexi Murdoch. - Michael Dunstan: An Open Road (Music Video)

Acoustic guitar, vocal harmony, and the sound of a kick drum is all it takes to project an image of peace and solitude across the impenetrable sky.
. Roots

World Pop with Roots in Mali. - Awa Mangara: Yala Yala (Official video)

Explores both the physical rapture of movement as well as the magic of a perfect union.
. Indie Rock

Indie Rock for a Cloudy Day. - Casual Male: Laughter From The Beach

Joins the raucous energy of Wilco with the production aesthetic and accessibility of Mark Ronson.
. Roots

Roots Anthem for Feminism in Honor of Christine Blasey Ford. - May Erlewine: Whole Again

Lifts the image of Ford's heroic testimony towards the light of collective connection and the solidarity that comes from standing together for what is right.
. Dance

Edgy Electro Pop from Los Angeles. - SUGR?: Make It Hurt

The refreshing delivery of unexpected robot-harmony, deep syncopation, and an edgy vocal delivery.
. Indie Rock

Punchy Pop Confection FFO Alec Benjamin. - Matt Sperrazza: Happy Ever After

Features a punchy vocal performance and the ineffable lightness of unfiltered adulation.
. Dance

Hooky Synth Pop. - Qinn: Echo

The dance-friendly pocket pairs well with themes of electro-pop and a dazzling vocal harmony.
. Hip Hop

Indie Pop and Hip Hop Collab. - ANTH x Conor Maynard​: Medicine

Lends a sense of raw honesty to the exploration of physical conflict between two deeply-connected individuals.
. Indie Rock

Melodic Indie Rock from NYC. - Presidio: One More Day

Walking proof that two voices are stronger than one.
. Indie Rock

Electronic Alt Rock FFO Bat For Lashes. - Natalie Walker: Starry Eyed Kids

A blissfully pure combination of straight, snare-heavy groove, and an alt-rock vocal delivery drenched in hooks.
. Roots

Indie Folk Pop from Vancouver. - Sam Lynch: Darkest Places (Live Music Video)

Sam Lynch delivers her warm soprano on a bed of crunchy electric guitar with equal parts vintage elegance and folk-inspired, emotional honesty.