She’s a Southern girl, and she knows what she wants. Ashleigh Rogers grew up in the back of a truck, and she’d love to reminisce about the lessons, the memories, and the simplicity of being both a passenger, and an explorer on the dusty road of life.

Back of a Truck, her latest single, navigates the space between pop sensibility and modern Country music with a backbone of acoustic guitar, a Nashville rhythm section, and an emotional vocal performance. Sometimes sifting through those old recollections can remind us of something we used to know.

Learning that life can be simple enough, I found love in who I was

If you listen to way too much Miranda Lambert, you will love this track from Ashleigh Rogers: Back of a Truck is a country-pop song that breathes life into the past, finding both inspiration and beauty in the reanimation of adolescent purity.

Ashleigh Rogers is a singer-songwriter from Batesville, Arkansas. She started her career at the age of 10 with a performance at the Independence county fair talent show. She now lives in Nashville, TN with her son. This song is featured on our Country playlist.