The music of songwriter, CHILLFILTR founder, entrepreneur, and music blogger Krister Axel is now exclusively available through VisionWorks Music, a full-service music licensing company representing music for Film, TV, Trailers, Video Games, and advertising. He now joins musical artists AM, Randy Coleman, Mia Mormino, Arch Leaves, and many others on their active roster.

Krister moved to Ashland, Oregon in 2014 with his wife and young daughter; his son was born at Ashland hospital. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a degree in Poetry. Last year he flew to Austin, TX, to record a new album (Follow the Light) with Shawn Pander producing, Adam Marcello (of Katy Perry fame) on drums, and local legends Jai Dillon and Gabe Rhodes filling out the band. Earlier this year, Krister flew to Eau Claire to produce his newest single Weightless Heart with Shane Leonard, which featured contributions from Courtney Hartman, J.E. Sunde, Ben Lester, Jeremy Boettcher, and engineer Brian Joseph. Krister is proud to bring his unique baritone voice and distinct lyricism to such a fine group of like-minded musicians. Krister Axel's musical style covers indie folk, soul, and jazz-inspired pop with a focus on organic sounds and live-in-the-studio performance.

All requests for licensing of specific works in the Krister Axel catalog can be directed to info[at]

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